Department Stores

Department Store

Providing EPoS and Retail Management solutions to some of the largest department stores, our solutions are ideal for this retail sector. Our experience in delivering to department stores means that we fully understand their requirements.

Department Stores are a unique retailer in that they need to be able to stock a host of mixed merchandise from clothing with complex size-colour-fit matrices, to electrical items with warranties and WEEE requirements, to bespoke furniture with customer special orders and back order processing. They provide a wide range of big and small-ticket items, and often incorporate cafes and leisure facilities on site, creating a need for a connected solution that maintains a clear level of communication across the whole site.

The stores often require multiple EPoS terminals with access to customer accounts and loyalty schemes, the ability to manage multiple payment types such as promotional vouchers and interest-free credit offers which have cash management features for store reconciliation, banking and links to the back-office accounts.

Department Stores are destination retailers and have to offer exceptional customer service and buying experience, both online and in-store, with facilities for ordering online, click-and-collect, customer accounts both online and in-store, gift cards, in-store returns and much more.

Swan’s applications are entirely suited for use in department stores, with key features including:

  • Support for a wide mix of merchandise ranging from furniture to homewares with all their options and including proper facilities to support fashion
  • Real time price changes
  • Support for a wide variety of labels/tickets – Loop-locked, waterproof, peelable, shelf edge
  • Extensive Loyalty options and promotions
  • Customer relationship management: campaign management providing multiple outputs including email and SMS
  • Concession management and invoicing
  • Comprehensive Purchase Ordering options with container management and tracking
  • Wastage recording and write-offs
  • Production and printing of Point of Sale material and promotions (including menu cards)
  • Customer special ordering for furniture
  • Mobile applications for stock administration
  • A suite of apps for customer special ordering, store operations and loyalty registration.
  • Voucher management for promotions
  • In house gift cards
  • Multiple EPoS templates for Retail and Restaurant
  • EPoS features include: Restricted sales, customer orders, home delivery
  • Fully integrated accounts
  • Comprehensive reporting suite with specifically designed reports requested by our customers
  • Integration with third-party software such as accounts, and e-commerce sites.

Department Store Case Studies

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