Fast, powerful, integrated EPOS

Cygnus puts the customer at the centre of retailing through speed, insights and integration. We want you to be able to delight your customers and inspire loyalty at the checkout. That means a fast, efficient transaction backed by customer data and powerful integrations.

Cygnus performs all the operations expected of a cutting-edge EPOS system including every type of customer order and payment, flexible promotions and discounts, fully customisable user interface and receipts, together with clear, detailed reporting.

The user interface is highly intuitive and very easily configured with a simple, app-like layout for ease of use. This means sales transactions flow efficiently, helping you streamline operations and improve your customers’ experience. Cygnus can operate from either a fixed or mobile customer service point, for those looking to offer a more personal, one-to-one in-store shopping experience.

What makes Cygnus EPOS standout

Take a look at how Cygnus goes above and beyond other EPOS solutions.

By minimising the number of taps needed and making the interface uncomplicated, Cygnus reduces transaction processing time. The intuitive, app-like layout means your team will soon be comfortable using the software.

With a transaction able to go through to the back office in 0.02 seconds and the ability to comfortably handle thousands of transactions per second, Cygnus is powerful and scalable.

Cygnus presents in-store customers with the best deal possible. It has the ability to combine all current discounts and offers in a way that means the customer pays the least. This feature puts the customer first and conveys honesty and value from you, the retailer.

Speciality Retail
Omnichannel EPoS

Cygnus displays loyalty scheme balances and rewards from cross-channel purchase history, linking online and in-store purchases against a single customer account. Different to other EPOS systems, Cygnus presents this information to the till operator at the point of scanning the loyalty card / QR code rather than after the transaction. This way the operator can advise on how much to spend before vouchers become available, prompting an increased spend to achieve rewards.

Cygnus can integrate with our mobile loyalty app, FUSE. The two synchronise reward wallets, purchase history, email receipts and other customer information as well as any promotional incentives. This combination facilitates an omnichannel methodology and creates a thorough record of customer behaviour; a single customer view. Retailers can gain insights from this complete picture and act on them to enhance the customer journey, loyalty and sales figures.

Cygnus EPOS terminals are functional offline and able to talk to other terminals on the same network, as well as syncing independently to the back office. This allows real-time calls for information on customers, stock, loyalty, accounts, orders, gift cards and more. Any changes made in the back office are instantly synced, there is no waiting for the till to ‘download updates’.

What our clients say about Cygnus EPOS

“We’ve had some great feedback from our staff. Cygnus EPOS is fantastic; its user-friendly, does what it says on the tin and just works.”

“We decided that we wanted to change over to Cygnus before our very busy season commenced and we achieved this within a day and a half. All our users have been positive and enthusiastic about Cygnus and how easy the system is to use; very clean, clear and uncomplicated.”

Integrated EPOS System

We’re joined up. Here are just some of the software solutions that Cygnus EPOS integrates with – and we are always adding more.