Leading department store, Voisins, wanted to enhance their customer engagement journey by reimagining their loyalty offering. Our team worked closely with Voisins to develop a solution that synchronises their customer data from multiple channels and allows for effective, targeted marketing. 


About Voisins

Voisins logoBased in St. Helier, Jersey, Voisins was founded in 1837, making it the oldest family-run department store in Britain. It is home to more than 100 exclusive brands in fashion, beauty and homeware. Voisins Kitchen completes the in-store retail destination experience, whilst their online channels give the retailer an impressive digital presence. 

Voisins have been using Swan solutions for nearly 20 years and currently have SRS (Swan Retail System), Cygnus EPOS, FUSE customer loyalty app and a fully integrated WooCommerce website powered by Swan. 



Voisins existing customer loyalty scheme was a physical card-stamping system that was department-specific. Customer data was not easily traceable, nor was the loyalty scheme linked to their retail software. This meant information on customer behaviour (purchase history, rewards usage, demographics, etc.) was not being recorded, making targeted marketing near impossible and limiting communications to blanket messaging. 

Voisins wanted to put together a seamless, omnichannel solution to improve the visibility of their customer data. The goal being to use the data for marketing purposes (segmentation, targeting and positioning) to drive sales using loyalty rewards via all their channels. 



Our projects and product development teams worked through Voisins’ brief to create a solution capable of delivering on the objectives. The new scheme, Voisins Rewards, was designed to integrate their back office (SRS) to: 

  • the Voisins website (customer logins and access to their points and rewards) 
  • the Voisins customer-facing loyalty app (powered by FUSE) 
  • their Omnisend account (email marketing campaigns and automation)  
  • and their EPOS (Cygnus). 

Voisins Rewards Loyalty Scheme

SRS Loyalty Scheme 

SRS was able to handle the usual points per pound loyalty scheme setup, but Voisins wanted to offer a threshold system – points build to a set balance which triggers the reward of a voucher, e.g., 20% off your next purchase in Beauty. We worked to develop this and automated the issuing of the vouchers based on points balances and customer data.  

The vouchers are visible on all customer-facing touchpoints (email, website and loyalty app) and the back office (SRS and Cygnus EPOS). Once the customer is recognised at the till point, by scanning their in-app loyalty card or looking up their email address, the vouchers are automatically visible to the till operator. This allows the customer to choose whether or not to use their vouchers in-store. It also acts as a prompt to the operator to encourage customers to spend to hit their next goal.  

The omnichannel approach means that customers can sign up to loyalty rewards wherever they choose; via the Voisins app, on their website or in-store.  


Voisins Customer Loyalty AppFUSE Customer Loyalty App 

Voisins utilise the functions of FUSE, our white-labelled customer loyalty app, that allows them to: 

  • Deliver engaging content through the app news feed  
  • Create push notifications with calls to action  
  • View customers’ full transaction history  
  • Deliver vouchers automatically and directly to customers  
  • Give customers a real-time display of their loyalty account balance and their next threshold points goal 
  • Have loyalty cards available through the app (rather than having physical cards) 
  • Enable loyalty signups through the app that can be used immediately on purchases 


Omnisend Integration 

With their channels integrated and SRS collecting insightful customer data, Voisins needed a marketing platform to utilise this. The platform they chose was Omnisend.  

Omnisend helps retailers grow through email marketing, SMS and marketing automation. Find out more here: Are You Getting the Most Out of Email Marketing? Try Omnisend. 

We built an integration with Omnisend to tap into SRS as the single source of customer data. This allows Voisins to: 

  • Gain real-time data uploads from SRS  
  • See the full transaction history   
  • Segment their audience based on stock hierarchy  
  • Segment customers based on behaviour and attributes 
  • Create email marketing campaigns 
  • Automate customer nurturing workflows, e.g., a series of welcome emails for new signups to the loyalty scheme 



SRS Customer Loyalty Scheme 

FUSE Customer Loyalty App 

Omnisend Email Marketing 

Reward customers easily with no manual intervention   Increased customer engagement efficiency e.g., push notifications  Real-time data feed  
Monitor voucher redemptions   Reduced admin  Increased marketing efficiency and relevancy using segments  
Improved ATV (average transaction value) with loyalty customers   Improved customer journey, everything they need is in the app e.g., vouchers, points, returns, etc.  Customers dynamically added to a segment  
Reportable customer transaction trends  Nurturing of customer relationship in real-time with exclusive offers   Report on segment performance  
Encourage spending with real-time loyalty point balances visible at every touchpoint  Increased merchandising influence through brand engagement – Voisins have over 13,000 loyalty scheme users which gives them a sizeable target audience, meaning supplier brands are more likely to provide exclusive offers, etc.  Significant ROI – for every $1 spent on Omnisend marketing, there’s around a $500 return for Voisins  
Create an omnichannel loyalty experience   
Quantify marketing campaign success 

Voisins now offer their customers the full omnichannel loyalty rewards experience. They can harness customer transaction data to produce targeted marketing, thus, increasing customer engagement and reducing overheads. An additional benefit is strengthened buying power through Voisins impressive loyalty app user count.

“Developing Voisins Rewards with the team at Swan has enabled us to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time.”

Sarah Sacriste, Head of Marketing at Voisins. 


Find out more about SRS, Omnisend or FUSE. 


Listen to our Senior Project Consultant, Chris Draper, talk through the Voisins project at our recent POS User Group Conference: 


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