Omnisend is one of the fastest growing email marketing and marketing automation apps and we’re their official partner.

Omnisend PartnerLast year, we developed an integration between Omnisend and SRS (Swan Retail System) and became an official partner. What does this mean for our SRS clients? They can unleash the power of their customer data held in SRS to drive their marketing – and many of them are already doing so.


What does Omnisend do?

Omnisend helps retailers make marketing relevant. It is an ecommerce marketing automation tool that doesn’t just do email campaigns – it helps retailers grow via email marketing, SMS and automation.

Omnisend gives retailers the power to segment customers based on their shopping behaviour (and other characteristics) and to target them with relevant, well-timed messages to improve conversion rates. There are a number of pre-built automations for cart abandonment, welcome series, transactional emails and more. This all helps create a personalised, omnichannel customer experience.


SRS and Omnisend

SRS is fully integrated with Omnisend and synchronises data between the two platforms seamlessly. Here’s how it works:

  1. Customer data – As customers are created or updated, SRS instantly sends this information to Omnisend, ensuring the system is always kept up to date and never risks violating GDPR.
  2. Sales data – Information from all POS transactions and customer orders (in-store and online) are sent to Omnisend. This allows our retailers to make more informed segmentation and targeting decisions based on their customers’ purchase history.
  3. Loyalty data – To complete the 360 degree customer view, SRS also shares data on customer loyalty points. Loyalty rewards are a key driver in retail marketing strategies and the integration facilitates this.

This thorough synchronisation gives retailers the tools needed to drive sales and deliver the omnichannel experience to their customers.


Want to know more about Omnisend?

Take a look at how Omnisend could increase your sales not your workload, or get in touch if you’d like to discuss integrating Omnisend into your retail system.