Swan Retail is an all-in-one solution encompassing customer ordering, stock management and an accounting system that is uniquely capable of handling both big and small ticket items.

In conjunction with our solutions EPoS, apps and eCommerce, SRS provides end-to-end stock processing, from stock creation and ordering, supply chain management, through pricing and ticketing to selling and reporting.

With the ability to support numerous stock types (Unit, Financial, Catalogue, Product Kits and Non-Stock), stock can be managed at the right level across the business while the system automatically updates the integral stock and accounting ledgers and provides real-time information to the reporting system – a true ERP solution.

Key Features

  • Merchandising: Full stock control including flexible facilities for bulk product creation and maintenance, tight control over stock movements and product costs, which in turn provides accurate margin control and reporting
  • Supply Chain & Logistics: Covers the full cycle from purchasing to customer delivery including supplier management and warehousing
  • Containerisation: Assigning containers to factories, allocation PO’s, closing with suggested stock tops-up, on-the-water tracking, attributed costs and consignment note deliveries
  • CRM Customer marketing (SMS/email/letter) and loyalty systems: With flexible selection criteria and tags for targeted promotions
  • Customer Special Ordering: For bespoke big ticket items with multiple options and options within options, with back to back ordering and tracking on suppliers
  • Customer Accounts: Customer ledger supports multiple account types including trade accounts, staff accounts and store cards
  • Quick and Easy Product Creation: Create a product once to use in-store and online, including imagery, product descriptions, dimensions and technical specifications. One database for one solution
  • Clear Stock Availability and Replenishment: A single, real time view of stock levels across both store and online, with the ability to allocate stock in accordance with trading strategies across channels and set stock alerts to reduce the risk of selling items which you don’t have