The modern furniture and homewares retailer is evolving, with the ideal furniture retail system needing to handle a wide range of products, each with their own options such as colour, material etc.

We provide a complete retail solution for furniture and homewares stores, delivering everything you need to run your business more efficiently. All of our software is developed in-house, incorporating suggestions from retailers and with more than 100 furniture and homewares stores using our application, we can confidently say that our furniture retail solution is the market leader in the UK. The application covers point of purchase through to financial accounts – a true ERP solution.

Key Features

  • Display ticketing including was/now offers and up to 5 selling prices
  • Gift cards / vouchers
  • Customer special ordering with unlimited options and “options within options”
  • Home delivery including time slot allocation
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) provides full campaign management providing multiple outputs including email and SMS

  • Customer SMS and email messaging
  • Customer service for incidents, diarised actions and returns processing
  • Container management
  • The ability to handle both large and small ticket merchandise through one system

Applications & Solutions for Furniture & Homewares Stores