Game-changing retail, fan engagement and ecommerce

The technology behind sports clubs and sports retail needs to be joined up to achieve the omnichannel experience fans now expect. We couple in-house software development with comprehensive integration partnerships to offer the complete sports and stadium solution to leading clubs.

Complete Stadium Solution

Explore the key elements of our integrated stadium technology used by some of the biggest sports clubs in the UK to engage fans and drive retail revenue.

Fast, powerful and fully-integrated, Cygnus EPoS performs efficient transactions and puts your fans at the centre of retail operations. We want you to be able to delight your customers and inspire loyalty at the stadium. That means EPoS backed by customer data and powerful integrations. Learn more about Cygnus EPoS.

Our app, FUSE, is completely branded using your club’s identity and contains a news feed to create engaging content like that of social media. Unlike social media, the app cuts out the noise of everything else and enables clubs to focus fans’ attention on what they choose.

In addition to news, polls, events and promotions, the app houses the club’s website and fans’ reward wallets. This means users don’t need to leave the app to browse your online shop or check their loyalty rewards. The app acts as a digital reward card that can be used instore and online.

What makes this app go beyond that of off-the-shelf solutions is its integration with your other channels – ecommcerce, EPoS, customer loyalty and more. Learn more about FUSE.

Kit-builder is a sophisticated Point of Sale tool used by sports clubs to efficiently process their custom shirt printing requirements at high speed, helping the club to maximise revenue during peak retail times. Kit-builder is fully integrated into our Stadium Solution providing accurate stock management, automatic reorder and replenishment, with detailed analysis of individual letters held and sold.

Our retail systems connect to all leading ecommerce platforms either by dedicated platform connectors or through integrating the powerful API for centralised customer integration, loyalty points and gift cards.

We also have an in-house digital agency that specialise in designing and building leading WooCommerce and Shopify ecommerce websites that synchronise seamlessly with our systems. Learn more about our ecommerce solution.

Fan App
sports stadium solution

Capture customer data and purchase history from every channel in one place. This knowledge of spending habits and being able to analyse and act upon the data is imperative to help your club develop its fan base. Our system provides the infrastructure and tools to make this happen.

Use the single customer view to analyse and market from captured cross-channel data. Our omnichannel solution allows clubs to reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behaviour no matter where your fans are. Encourage increased spend per transaction and drive repeat business by incentivising fans to return.

At the heart of the solution is your back office, a central hub holding all of your stock, sales, purchases, promotions, customers and financials. Clubs can compare channels, drill down and make instant decisions based on accurate performance data. It enables the monitoring and analysis of transactions as they happen through analytic tools, dashboards and reports.

Our order fulfilment allocates the best location to fulfil orders from your website in real-time. It then alerts the location requesting that they remove the item to avoid selling the same item twice. Clubs scan and validate items to ensure the customer receives the exact item ordered. Raise your customer service level with accurate order fulfilment.

What our clients say about our Sports and Stadium Solution

Who we're working with

In Another League: Warrington Wolves Level Up Their eCommerce

Our team at Touchretail worked with Urban Zoo to take Warrington Wolves’ eCommerce to the next level with a new, fully integrated online store.

Nicola Bell, Head of Retail at Warrington Wolves commented:

“The new retail platform is strongly integrated with the club’s main website, allowing supporters to enjoy a smooth online journey, when both navigating and making purchases from our extensive merchandise range.”

Using their considerable experience in the sports retail sector, our team worked with Urban Zoo to integrate the club’s retail system and new website. Our sports retail system provides inventory management and POS software with features designed specifically for sports clubs that synchronise in-store and online sales channels.

The collaboration gives Warrington Wolves’ fans the ability to link their membership across channels, see their loyalty points and redeem loyalty rewards.

Read the full Warrington Wolves case study.

Upping the Retail Game at Ipswich Town Football Club

Our solution was installed into the stadium retail store, matchday locations and pop-up locations as well as being integrated into the club’s website. It’s used for warehouse management and stock control elements. The Director of Retail Operations, explains it as;

“the driving force for the retail operation, everything from receiving stock in, managing stock levels, financial reporting, sell through reports, stock analysis, integration with our eCommerce platform, store sales and stocktaking.”

To facilitate shirt customisation for fans a bespoke Kitbuilder, a sophisticated point of sale tool used to custom print shirts was efficiently installed, this works alongside stock control to ensure there’s a constant supply of letters for personalisation.

Match Day Mode, a configurable profile feature that optimises transaction throughput, was installed to allow maximum sales and efficiency at peak sales times.

Kitbuilder has allowed the club to maximise revenue in personalisation during peak times and keep control of stock. Match Day Mode has made transaction time during peak sale times faster and more efficient, increasing revenue potential at the club.

Read the full ITFC case study.

Stoke City Football Club Deliver Fan-First Experience

Stoke City were looking for a long term collaborative partnership with a retail solution for professional sports that would benefit their loyal fan base. They found it. Richard Prosser, Head of Retail at Stoke City, comments:

“Since migrating to TRIMS our customer satisfaction and service has greatly improved through increased stock accuracy and order fulfilment.”

For the club’s stadium store, shopping centre store and warehouse, we supplied EPoS, hardware with customer facing media. Behind the scenes, a new barcode printing operation, loyalty points system and a comprehensive training program (on both EPoS and back office functionality) were implemented.

With eCommerce flexibility being key, our team not only supplied a powerful web integration, but also produced several significant bespoke enhancements for the Stoke City fan base. These included a Teamcard integration and the Kit Builder feature.

Read the full SCFC case study.

Powerful Software Integrations for Sports and Stadiums

We’re joined up. Here are just some of the software solutions that our in-house systems for sports and stadiums integrate with – and we are always adding more.