Being able to host a server and database can sometimes be infeasible for retailers; whether that’s due to cost of installation and maintenance, lack of space, or simply not having enough resources.

A cloud-based, hosted solution is ideal for those retailers without the resources to provide their own hosting. It provides significant saving, both in terms of expenditure on a new system, as well as time spent maintaining and administrating a system.

The service can be accessed at any time, from any location, providing real-time data on essential business functions such as merchandising, financials, retail sales, customer orders, supply chain and logistics. Access to your data is provided via a secure online link, so all you need is an internet connection.

Advantages of Using a Cloud-based Solution

  • Fixed monthly charge: For support and administration makes budgeting simple
  • Solutions are quicker to deploy
  • Maximise functionality: Gain access to a higher level of software functionality than you may otherwise consider or afford
  • Continual development: New functionality is delivered to users via a regular update service
  • Optimum performance: The systems are kept up to date, available and backed up
  • Internal IT systems: Improved reliability, availability, scalability and security
  • Increase efficiencies: Allows for re-deploying of staff and tools to focus on strategic functionality that will impact your bottom line