The complete retail management solution for furniture retailers

FRS is a retail system designed specifically to cater for all the needs of furniture, flooring and bed retailers. It is capable of managing customers, orders, stock and after sales in one easy to use solution.

As a browser based solution with a specifically designed tablet version, FRS is ideal for mobile operations, be that within the store or within the customer’s home. With an easy to use display designed to provide maximum information with minimal text, intuitive use of icons and clear screen formatting FRS gives the retailer greater efficiencies in their sales processing. Using the latest database and programming tools the application can be maintained locally or provided via cloud technology resulting in a lower cost of implementation.

As a total retail management solution, FRS can handle the whole sales process. It can also be integrated with a range of other applications including EPoS, customer finance, accounts and eCommerce platforms, giving you complete control over your business.

Key Features of FRS

  • Tablet app: Allows the salesperson to operate via a tablet on the sales floor, enabling them to enquire on their product portfolio, create and amend sales and look after the customer account.
  • Sales ordering: Quickly and easily capture all essential information about the customer and their order requirements, explore different product options with the customer and the impact this has on delivery times and prices.
  • Purchase order management: Automatic generation of purchase orders in response to sales orders with order tracking to ensure it is delivered by the desired date. The system can allow controlled allocation of a delivery date at time of order
  • Stock management: All items are fully tracked across the estate with optional barcode processing, allowing you to see the real time stock position and how that impacts on customers’ orders.
  • Customer care: Single point of enquiry for any customer questions with the ability to create a customer contact diary. All the information you need relating to the customers purchase and enquiry history is easily accessed from a surname or telephone number.
Swan FRS New Version 12
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  • Integrated eCommerce seamlessly links your online and in-store retail via a single point of admin, we specialise in WooCommerce and Shopify.
  • Warehousing: FRS offers a booking-in diary which enables the warehouse goods-in process to be better planned and managed. It also provides purchase order controls, goods receipting, bay management, inter-location transfers, returns and scheduled delivery picking.
  • Delivery scheduling: Show up to four load measures per run (items, weight, drops (slots) and / or cubics) with a traffic light indicator to provide better review of capacity available.
  • Reporting: All data is stored centrally, so everyone sees the same sales, stock and performance figures. FRS has a wide range of standard reports which can be printed, emailed or exported to 3rd party programs. Each report can be customised, including outputs such as sales order acknowledgements or purchase orders.
  • Containerisation: Collate multiple purchase orders or order lines into a single container. Containers can be sized by cubic (packed) or number of seats and allow customs clearance days and transfer from docks to distribution centre to be managed. As the container progresses on its journey, FRS updates the relevant sales order.

What our clients say about Furniture Retail System

“It’s been a game-changer for us. You think you have a good system in place and then you realise just how much better things can really be. That’s what SwanFRS has done for us.”

“Our integration went more smoothly than we were anticipating and FRS’ continued support after the integration, building our custom items, has been incredible. We look forward to being partners with FRS for many years!”

“Implementation of new software is never easy, but FRS far exceeds our legacy system and has allowed us, as a company, to be much more streamlined, transparent, efficient and ultimately profitable.”

“I just knew there had to be something out there that provided us with everything we need. Every part of running the store is right in front of you. I can practically run the front of the store from my tablet.”

“Our system is a single point from which Bedzzz Express can import supplier catalogs, create bespoke or pre-configured bed promotions, arrange delivery scheduling at the point of sale and manage customer service. The warehouse management and reporting functions will also be key as the business operates from multiple locations.”

“The FRS team has been fantastic to work with, they are honest, open to suggestions and willing to go the extra mile to get things right.”