It's a group thing

Welcome to The Swan Group. We are Swan Retail Ltd, Swan Origination Ltd and Touchretail Ltd.

We have more than 25 years’ experience in the retail software industry, developing and delivering retail applications for hundreds of businesses. Through our innovation and investment, we continue to shape the future of retailing.

We know there is power in numbers and partnerships. So, in 2018, Swan Retail acquired award-winning digital agency STANDOUT (now known as Swan Origination Ltd), giving us the capacity to offer eCommerce sites and marketing services. In 2019 we continued to grow, acquiring Touchretail – a force of nature in themselves, already making dynamic advancements within the retail system business. We’re proud of these partnerships, they’ve opened the doors to a more diverse client base and have given us the capacity to offer a complete end-to-end service.

You’ll find us right across the UK, in our offices in Waterlooville, Cheadle, Hull and Bradford, with our digital agency based in Leicester. We also have a dedicated team of industry experts operating in the USA.


What we offer

We make retailing easier. It is our mission to enable retailers to thrive without making retail complicated.

We offer a complete end-to-end, in-house service from the development of advanced retail solutions software to website design and marketing – with every function in between. We prioritise seamless integration, the ability to influence customer behaviour and making day-to-day retailing more efficient.

Our software applications are created by our team of experienced developers who truly understand the needs of retailers. Working in-house allows us to stay at the forefront of retail trends, functionality requirements and advances in technology, which we go to great measures to do.

We offer comprehensive solutions covering EPoS, stock management, accounts, customer ordering, warehousing, CRM, eCommerce and customer loyalty for the smallest businesses to the largest multi-nationals. We specialise in furniture and homeware stores, garden centres, sports stadiums and department stores, but our applications can be fitted to any retail operation.

We also provide specialised hospitality applications used within the catering sector, including the NHS.

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Why Swan?

We provide intelligent retail solutions. Simply put, we do our job so retailers can do theirs.

We’re joined up

We like to make life easier, so we offer a complete circle approach; an end-to-end service. In real terms, that means we begin by developing our own software in-house, from scratch, or rather from source codes – but we’re not here to blind you with tech. Owning our own intellectual property has great benefits for our customers. Updating software, rather than replacing it, makes us cost effective. Those savings are passed on to you, the customer.

We’ve got your back

Knowing our applications inside and out means our support teams can deal with almost anything you throw at them. However, they’re knowledgeable, friendly and here 7-days a week to provide effective support, so we don’t advocate throwing anything at them, other than tricky questions.

We listen

We know what a modern retailer needs to thrive; we install software that really works, train businesses to use it and facilitate millions of transactions and applications across the world each year.

We invest

We’re dynamic in bringing innovative products to the marketplace by using what we learn from retailers. The Swan Group is powered by a dream team of industry experts that make it happen. If we were to count our years of collective experience, we’d be approaching the thousands.

We’re the complete retail solution

Our in-house design agency closes the circle, creating outstanding eCommerce sites and branding and marketing provision for your business. A complete service in one place.  This makes us completely unique within our industry, a fact we’re rather proud of.

If your retail system partner isn’t making retailing easier, talk to us today.

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