Garden Centres OLD

Garden Centres & Retail NurseriesWith over 70 Garden Centres and retail nurseries using Swan’s EPoS, we fully understand the requirements of this sector and offer a solution which provides the features to address these, not just for the present day, but also looking ahead to how the retail environment is evolving and the challenges this will bring.

We believe that Garden Centres are now becoming destination retailers which have to offer a mixture of retailing, leisure and education to fully meet the expectations of their customers.  This need to offer variety results in having to change retail stock and themes throughout the year accordingly.

Retail solutions like Swan need to be able to handle the large variety and ongoing rotation of differing stock types offered by Garden Centres. Retailers also need their systems to facilitate services such as customer special ordering for bespoke / larger items and home deliveries while allowing them to sell both in-store and online to customers and trade, all from a single multi-faceted system.

Today’s Garden Centres have to be customer focused, therefore our solution provides the gift cards, loyalty scheme, consumer marketing, customer accounts and promotions to accommodate all customer touch points.

Additional benefits include interfacing to plant databases for labelling, content management for websites, point of display posters and images at the EPoS along with options for printing planting/care instructions.