Swan’s warehouse management module gives you what you need to optimise your essential supply chain processes through to customer orders and returns across all of your retail channels.

As an omni channel solution uniquely designed to effectively handle today’s mixture of merchandise including big ticket (furniture, carpets, beds, etc) and small ticket (fashion, footwear, cosmetics, etc.), our retail system gives you complete visibility and control of orders and inventory throughout the distribution process.

Warehousing from Swan supports activity across all aspects of your business, including handling instore and online stock supply, home delivery scheduling, transferring of merchandise between locations and distribution to customers. The solution leads to increased efficiencies across the business, reducing costs associated with warehousing activities and freeing up staff time for other tasks.

Key Features

  • Fully configurable warehouse: With multiple locations - zone, aisle and tier
  • Goods in: With diary booking and putaway
  • Route scheduling: Including delivery planning
  • Sequenced picking: Including bulk and split location
  • Van loading: With capacity planning
  • Hand Held Terminals (HHTs): For paperless operation
  • Container Management