Today marks a significant milestone in the Swan Retail story. We’re turning 18!

Sadly there can’t be any coming-of-age birthday parties at the moment, but we are celebrating the occasion with a look back on 18 years of the Swan name.

David Thompson, managing director of the Swan Group, reflects on the transformation; from the idea of a small team to a leading group of businesses serving retailers around the world.

“It began with a blank sheet of paper being pushed around the table between Clare Edgar, Gareth Luker and I in Reigate back in January 2003, brainstorming potential company names. From this, Swan has turned into a business employing over 70 people and supporting some 550 retail and hospitality businesses.

“We are very proud to have started something that has provided employment and career opportunities to many people over the years, as well as the creation of the core business systems that our customers use.

“There have been a few challenges along the way, with Swan struggling through the 2008 financial crash with a team of just 8 and no new sales in over 18 months, through to the shock of the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. We have manged to weather all the storms and I hope in the main part continued to provide our customers with a good level of service.

“The acquisition of G7 Computer Services helped us to break out of the ‘small company syndrome’ in 2014, when we first started to expand. Three further successful acquisitions and a sale later, here we are ready for the next chapter.

“Thanks to all our customers who have supported us on our journey and I look forward to the next 18 years.”

Congratulations to everyone who has been part of Swan’s journey.