Silvermere Golf Store logoSilvermere, a popular golf complex in Surrey, went live with a suite of Swan solutions in 2021 and is benefitting from efficient operations and an elevated customer experience.


About Silvermere Golf Complex

Boasting an 18-hole golf course, 2-tier driving range, extensive golf store and beautiful dining and events spaces, Silvermere Golf Complex is an impressive destination for golfers of all levels.

Their retail arm, Silvermere Golf Store, stocks all leading club manufacturers and offers a first-class custom fitting service. Cutting-edge technology is used to ensure customers have the correct equipment to match their swing and get the best performance out of their golf clubs. The complex also houses the leading Left Handed Golf Specialist Store. In addition to the on-site stores in Cobham, Silvermere has an extensive online presence including sites Ladies Golf, Left Handed Golf and Silvermere Golf alongside customer loyalty app, Silvermere Privilege, that allows customers to access exclusive rewards and offers.

Silvermere Golf Custom Fitting


Silvermere Golf & Swan Retail

Switching to Swan Retail in August 2021, Silvermere added SRS (Swan Retail System), Cygnus EPOS, FUSE Customer Loyalty App, Swan Customer Ordering App and SwanPay integrated payments online to their tech stack.

We caught up with Ian Yeatman, Head of Retail Operations at Silvermere Golf, who commented on their journey with Swan.


Why did you choose Swan and our solutions?

“It was within our set budget and felt like a good cultural fit. It was to do with the feel we got about the business on the initial sales calls. We felt as though the sale mattered to them and we wouldn’t be another client number on the list.

“In particular though, we liked the fact we could see a path to being fully integrated with the bonus of a customer loyalty app.”


How was your experience switching to Swan?

“We felt, as a business, we would have benefitted more to have had all the training information for the system in a few days rather than spread over time. However, the account manager was fantastic and helped to keep the project moving and allowed us to go live on our target date.”

Tanya Kavanagh, Project and Account Manager at Swan Retail, oversaw Silvermere’s implementation and commented; “It was apparent that process and procedure are paramount in ensuring a smooth operation at Silvermere, it was therefore a pleasure to work with a strongly focused and engaged team, both on-site and remotely, to deliver together on this project”.

Silvermere Golf Store


What has moving to Swan meant for Silvermere?

Ian explained; “the past 18 months have had some challenges but, overall, we have moved forward from where we were prior to Swan. We are not yet fully integrated online, but our custom fit ordering processes using the Swan Customer Ordering App is operating well and has allowed for efficiencies within the business. The introduction of the FUSE Customer Loyalty App has improved our customer experience and, again, led to greater efficiencies in retail operations.”


What does working with Swan mean for the future of Silvermere?

“Our previous system was solid but had no room for growth. We believe that working with Swan, we can continue to help improve the SRS and Cygnus platforms which, in turn, will benefit our business.”

Tanya added; “We ensure to listen and understand our clients own internal processes and ways of working, allowing us to then explain and demonstrate effective ways for them to be able to use SRS. There are occasions when scope is slightly more than what the current product delivers, and this is where we can develop and introduce new efficiencies into the products which are beneficial to both the existing end users and the product range as a whole.”

We look forward to continuing the journey with Silvermere to enhance their customers’ experience and smooth operations using Swan’s solutions.


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