The latest new development in TRIMS is designed to give retailers the information they need in the buying decision making process. 


The new Sales Forecasting Report gives TRIMS users visibility of what they have already committed to a supplier. It does this by taking into account current stock and what they have on order (in purchase orders) to give the total commitment. 


Users can then select a projected sales period from the previous season or allocated amount of time to assess. Projected sales can be taken off the total commitments to give a projected stock buy. This figure is either negative, indicating the need to buy more for next season, or positive, suggesting the user buy less stock for next season. 


The report also offers flexibility in that there is an average unit cost and retail value, as well as three extra user-defined sales periods, for the retailer to select for extra information.  


In a nutshell

The report calculates: 

Current Stock + On Order Stock – Projected Sales = Projected Stock Buy


How can I get the Sales Forecasting Report?

If you’d like to have access to the new report, please raise a request on the portal.


Coming soon

The TRIMS team are currently working on further reports that will soon be available for release. These include a Sales Period report, a VAT Summary report and a Detailed 6-Week report.


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