We are excited to announce that the latest version of SwanFRS is now available!


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At a glance, Swan Furniture Retail System (SwanFRS) Version 1208 contains:

  1. significant enhancements to the overall security of the software
  2. key improvements to the functionality and user experience of the tablet app
  3. advancements to payment processing


Release Notes

For every new release, our product team update our portal with release notes and helpful guides on how to get the best out of your retail system. Take a look at the release notes for SwanFRS 1208 to get an in-depth explanation of every new feature and enhancement now available.


Ready to upgrade?

If you’d like our team to arrange your upgrade to version 1208, please raise a ticket via the support portal and we’ll be in touch.

To find out more about our furniture retail software and who we are working with, go to furniture and homeware.