Do you want to sell the stock you have on order before it arrives? Cut your selling times with our clever new ecommerce feature.


Linking your retail system and online shop with Swan Ecommerce means that you can now synchronise your on-order stock and start selling it online immediately – no need to wait for it to be delivered to list it online.


See the example below where the Dragonfly Wall Mirror has stock on order that can be purchased.

ecommerce stock on order

ecommerce on order stock

Ecommerce linked to your retail system

Swan Ecommerce is designed to work seamlessly with Swan Retail System (SRS). Our team work together with ecommerce experts at Sellerdeck to build exciting new features like this to make day-to-day retailing more efficient and drive revenue.


How can I sell on-order stock online?

Our team will add code to your Swan Ecommerce site which will synchronise with your retail system. This enables you to offer products which are on order immediately on your website, prior to delivery from the supplier.


With the feature active, you simply create supplier purchase orders as normal in your back office, and the integration will automatically make items available and track available stock against the ‘freeOnOrderQuantity’. As orders are placed, they reduce the ‘freeOnOrderQuanity’, just like preorders made via your EPOS. This is synced as part of the stock and price feed, meaning your retail system is updated in less than one minute to ensure you are protected against overselling.


To get this feature for your ecommerce channel, get in touch with our team today.