BalancePay is a simple and secure way to streamline your order payment completions. Quickly and easily generate a link which takes customers to a branded payment page.


Improve your customers’ journey 

Powered by our sister company, ClearAccept, BalancePay automates manual tasks in the customer payment journey to reduce errors, admin and friction.   

Contact customers in a more convenient way for them, to reduce unanswered calls, time-consuming call chasing and outstanding balances. 


How does BalancePay work? 

Once your customer has made a purchase with an outstanding balance and payment is due, they will be taken through the following process. 

  1. Customer receives secure payment link
    A link is generated from your retail system and automatically shared via email to your customer requesting payment of all or part of the balance. 
  2. Customer makes payment
    Your customer opens the link on their preferred device and is guided through the secure payment process. They are then informed of the successful payment via a confirmation email. 
  3. Funds received
    The payment is automatically recorded in your retail system and the order is updated to reflect this. Funds are deposited into your bank account. 


What are the benefits of BalancePay? 

BalancePay integrates with SRS (Swan Retail System) to automate the order payment process. This brings with it several key benefits: 

  • Administrative requirements are minimised, saving time and money  
  • Secure payment links are easy to share across multiple channels 
  • It’s quick and convenient for your customers to pay at the time most suitable for them  
  • All payment details are entered on one webpage to reduce steps   
  • The payment link is safe, secure and uses a trusted URL of your choosing  
  • The webpage is branded as your store to reduce friction and increase trust   
  • The risk of human error in payment entry is eliminated 
  • Your retail system becomes a single source of truth for all your customer payment data 


BalancePay is now available for users of SRS in the latest software release; version 7.4. For more information on this release, see the headline features in our support portal knowledge base or contact our team to start your upgrade.