Independent womenswear store, Shirt Sleeves, has recently revolutionised their operations by upgrading to TRIMS retail system with SwanPay integrated payments. 


Shirt Sleeves Womenswear

Shirt Sleeves logoBased in the historic market town of Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire, Shirt Sleeves are a well-established fashion retailer, supplying popular brands like Masai, Olsen, Oui and Sandwich. Both their high street store and their online shop provide outstanding customer service, backed by an award-winning team.  


Upgrading to TRIMS and SwanPay

We caught up with Henry Tacey, Managing Director of Shirt Sleeves, to find out about the experience of upgrading their software and payments solution. 


Why did you choose to upgrade to TRIMS and SwanPay?

‘After previously using a legacy system, we upgraded to TRIMS as our stock system needed a rehaul. It was a fantastic move and the functionality of TRIMS has enabled us to streamline our stocking-in process.  

‘As a result, we’ve increased efficiency, the speed of getting our stock up online and, ultimately, our sales too.  

‘As for SwanPay, after being with a previous provider since we started online, we decided it was time to look for a better deal. They were able to offer us better rates with a seamless onboarding process as the software was made to work with TRIMS.  

‘We were saving money on a better service, it was a no-brainer for us.’


How did you find the process of upgrading, the training and using the software?

‘The onboarding process was smooth; the training and support line is superb – everyone is very knowledgeable and happy to help – and we’re very happy with the software.’ 


Shirt Sleeves Oui Collection

How has this impacted your business?

‘Being able to get our stock online so much more quickly and efficiently has not only allowed our team to get a greater volume of stock online annually, but allowed us to get our stock up before competitors which has reflected in our annual sales report.  

‘It has allowed us to get our stock online quicker than we previously could, but also identify any causes of stock errors with the reports and historic stock movement functions, so that we can avoid repeat occurrences.’ 


What does this mean for the future of Shirt Sleeves?

‘For the future of Shirt Sleeves, we are looking to continue to scale and develop our online business and brand portfolio and refine our purchasing. The reporting features of TRIMS have allowed us to keep a much closer eye on over and underperforming brands, which has a big impact on the stock we buy and the budget proportions we assign to each brand.’ 

‘A big thank you to the Swan Retail and TRIMS team for all the help over the years. It truly is appreciated and has made a significant impact on our business.’ 


We are delighted to have played a part in the success of Shirt Sleeves and look forward to watching them grow with our solutions.