A Scottish pharmacy has recently moved to one of our systems, successfully going live completely remotely during lockdown.

Cullen Pharmacy, based on the North sea coast, switched their retail system to TRIMS by our partners, Touchretail. The team were able to perform a completely remote setup, install, training and switch on.

Via TeamViewer sessions and online training, the pharmacy were up and running with their new systems and tills in a very short time. Minimal downtime meant they could continue to supply their customers with essential goods during this challenging time.

One of the key requirements for the pharmacy was to be able to create individual till prompts when an item is scanned. This function was needed for things like alerting the customer about side effects of a medication or to suggest an upsell or cross sell at the point of sale. The TRIMS EPOS system was able do this via a memo field linked to the products.

Our implementation and support teams are set up to work remotely from home and have been able to provide our customers with an uninterrupted level of service throughout the last few weeks.

We wish Mark and his team every success with their new TRIMS system.

Get in touch if you’re thinking about switching.