We’ve joined up with MaxOptra who provide leading delivery route optimisation software, smart fleet management and innovative customer communications.  


MaxOptra Route Optimisation 

MaxOptra is a cloud-based system that offers the optimisation functionality of on-premise solutions in a more flexible, cutting-edge way. The system helps over 650 forward thinking businesses to deliver exceptional customer service through simplified route optimisation, smarter fleet management, innovative customer communications and an overall fast and reliable delivery service. 

Key benefits of MaxOptra include: 

  • A faster, more efficient delivery service 
  • Accurate delivery slots 
  • Managing unforeseen issues with ease 
  • Keeping customers informed 
  • Reduced fuel consumption 
  • Reduced admin time 
  • A paperless system 
  • Real-time vehicle tracking 
  • Straightforward implementation 


An Optimised Partnership 

If you’re looking to enhance your delivery service and save on fuel and admin time, MaxOptra and Swan Retail can help. We’ve partnered with MaxOptra to bring all the benefits of their solution to our retailers within your retail system. 

We will integrate our Swan Retail System (SRS) with MaxOptra in a way that seamlessly hooks into retailers’ day-to-day use of their system.  

How will the integration work? 

  1. SRS will send a list of all deliveries to MaxOptra daily 
  2. MaxOptra will then sort these into optimised delivery routes 
  3. The delivery routes will be sent back to SRS 
  4. Deliveries can then be managed in real-time via MaxOptra’s driver application


Interested in MaxOptra?

Contact our team today and we can help you get started, or find out more about MaxOptra.