If you are a Microsoft Dynamics RMS user, you need to find an alternative now. We can help with not just an RMS alternative, but a comprehensive, joined up retail solution.

 Microsoft Dynamics RMS is officially an end-of-life product. This means it is no longer sold to new customers and all support ends on 13th July 2021.

The sooner the move is made from Dynamics RMS to an alternative EPoS system, the sooner you will receive full support from your system provider. The time to find an alternative is now. 

Finding a Microsoft Dynamics RMS alternative 

With the deadline looming next month, the transition to an RMS alternative needs to be as quick and smooth as possible. That is where Swan Retail can help.

We have cutting-edge EPoS systems backed up by future-proof software and powerful integrations.

Cygnus EPoS – more than a Microsoft Dynamics RMS alternative

Our newest innovation in EPoS is Cygnus. Its advanced functionality is trusted by industry-leading retailers.

Cygnus performs all the operations expected of a top-class EPoS system including every type of customer order and payment, flexible promotions and discounts, fully customisable user interface and receipts, together with clear, detailed reporting.

The user interface is highly intuitive and easily configured with a simple, app-like layout. This means sales transactions flow efficiently, helping you streamline operations and improve your customers’ experience. Find out more about Cygnus.

The joined up retail solution

We pride ourselves in offering a complete, joined up solution. Our robust API allows a full integration between your retail system and your online shop. We integrate with leading eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce and Shopify. We can even build your own eCommerce website and market it through our in-house agency, Swan Origination. See our agency’s work.

To boost our clients’ eCommerce presence and to help them build a loyal customer base, we offer a fully-integrated, client-branded mobile app. It is already helping retailers engage with their customers, providing a platform to reward loyalty, send updates and generate sales. Find out more about FUSE.

What’s key is that we build our own systems – we are not simply resellers. This means that we can continue to implement innovations and constantly improve our retailers’ experience, without having to wait for third parties.

Support moving from Dynamics RMS end-of-life to Swan Retail 

As you are no longer offered RMS support, you’ll be pleased to know our support team are here for you. They will ensure a smooth transition from Dynamics RMS by moving your product and customer data over so that you can trade instantly.


Sound good? Enquire today about moving from RMS end-of-life software to a comprehensive, joined up RMS alternative.