Communication, collaboration and working together now is what will help us survive and thrive. Like us at Swan, you’ll be finding new ways to stay connected with your colleagues and customers despite having smaller teams and furloughed staff. 

Whilst we are used to collaborating remotely with teams across the UK and USA, we are now making sure we stay connected to our workmates on furlough too. We have regular catchups and are encouraging them to use this time to gain new skills, discover new things and keep in touch. 

We are still fully operational and focusing on features that will drive customer engagement, maximise online conversions and help our users stay connected with their consumers. 

What are we working on? 

Building eCommerce Success

With retail stores closed, it appears that people are still spending, and ecommerce sales are up. We have been looking at the stats and there are clear opportunities. So, we are busy helping our customers maximise their online potential with new Shopify and WooCommerce sites, retail system integration and marketing campaigns. 

We’ve also been hard at work adding features to our YES eCommerce platform to make upselling and cross selling complementary products easy and effective. See more… 

New Ways to Inspire Customer Loyalty 

Now is the time to get into your customers’ pockets via their mobile. We believe the ability to engage with customers, no matter where they are, has never been so important.  

Our new customer loyalty app, FUSE, is enabling retailers to strengthen relationships with their consumers by providing a platform to reward loyalty, send relevant updates and generate sales. 

FUSE is fully customisable and surprisingly affordable. It can build your brand, reward loyalty and generate sales. See more… 

How are we doing it? 

The Home Office 

Our teams of developers, support staff and creative marketers are geared up to work their magic from home. With offices across the UK and the States, online meetings and conference calls were already the norm for us. With a few adaptations at home, we are all able to continue collaborations. 


We have devised a suggested training scheme for our colleagues on furlough who want to help the company be better and stronger than ever when things return to normality. We are encouraging our teams to learn about areas of the business they may not have worked in and products they may not have worked with before. 

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our solutions and that means exploring new innovations and researching ideas. For example, we have recently become specialists in delivering eCommerce solutions on Shopify. Our agency have honed their skills on this platform through a combination of training and practice and plan to do the same with other emerging technology. This means we can quickly adapt to our clients’ needs and suggest the best solution for them. 

A Daily Dose of Fun

Working remotely doesn’t have to feel remote. We have a daily round-up of good news stories, exciting projects going live, and non-work-related humour. Examples of the latter include the pet parade (a company-wide competition of who has the best pet, judged by an 8-year-old) and Swan’s Isolation Spotify playlist (notable choices include ‘On My Own’ – Patti LaBelle and ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ – The Police). 

Most importantly, we hope our customers, friends, colleagues and families stay safe, happy and well whilst we just keep swimming.