Our newly integrated customer engagement app is here, and what a time for it to arrive.

With a world separated through enforced distancing, retailers need to find new and innovative ways to engage and interact with their customers, and where possible, increase sales and conversion. We believe FUSE is the answer.

Customer Engagement Anywhere & Everywhere

Customer engagement has never been so important, so let’s look at why you should invest in FUSE today:

  • You can have an app up and running in a few weeks
  • It is really simple to use, so simple, you don’t need a marketing department
  • It is the missing tool to accelerate web sales (we will focus on this shortly)
  • The app provides many ways to engage with customers whilst in lockdown
  • We’ve built it using technology that allows us to keep the price as low as possible
  • Use it FOC in these uncertain times*

Accelerate Web Sales

If you list new products on your website, or if you want to promote something already there, you are dependent on your customer finding this via social media or by viewing your website. The key point being that you are depending on them finding this information out themselves.

Here is how FUSE turns this situation on it’s head. You post about this in the FUSE app feed, your customer gets notified via a push notification. Tapping the notification takes your customer straight to the item allowing them to buy it instantly through the app.

The difference is that you didn’t have to wait for the customer to happen upon this, you engaged directly and proactively sold the item (hopefully!).

Keeping Customers Informed & Your Brand Top-of-Mind

Whilst your customers are not able to visit your store, you can keep them informed and keep your brand on their minds. A great example of this is our National Nutrition Hero, Joe Wicks. Joe is providing a great service over YouTube by providing daily workout sessions for the family. If you are a Sports Store, PT, Gym or Leisure Centre, you can do the same as Joe but through your own App! This type of service suits so many industries, and just requires a little creative thinking. We are here to help if you need some advice.

Your FOC Period*

With the country in lockdown we are providing this service for a free period. We want to support your business in every way we can. For more information on this, and how you can take advantage of this engagement incentive, get in touch.

Discover FUSE

Take a look at our customer loyalty page for more on FUSE and its benefits or see our brochure below.

fuse customer loyalty app