Accurate and “on demand” sales reporting will provide the retailer with the relevant information for maximum stock efficiency and countering lower margins.  Retailers need to keep the minimum amount of stock, but also ensure products can always be available and delivered to the customer quickly, turning around cash, offering a good level of customer service and products to meet the local demographics.

EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) helps you to process your most popular products from warehouse or supplier to your “point of sale”, interact with you customers and offer specific, relevant discounts and promotions.

Store benefits include:

  • Use EPoS software to provide sales information – this can help you focus on more profitable lines, improve your demand forecasting and minimise inventory.
  • Add software modules to improve efficiency – adding Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) capability to your system means that every time a sales transaction is recorded, the credit or debit card transaction is also processed, reducing the time spent per transaction. It also provides administration improvement for end of day cash reconciliation.
  • Customer contact management – Use EPoS to identify your customers; offer them loyalty schemes and specific rewards. Also identify which customers buy what products (or don’t buy) so that you can market your products and service to them via email text or newsletter
  • Promotion management – Offer multi buys, link saves, etc to assist in moving slow moving or special bulk bought in stock
  • Vouchers and Discounts – Support for different payment type such as Gift cards and vouchers and to offer mixed discount promotions for repeat or complementary up sells.
  • Link your EPoS terminal to other systems – by connecting EPoS to back-office systems such as your accounting package, you can increase control over your business and improve profitability.  EPoS systems can also export data to popular accounts packages such as Sage.
  • Link your EPoS system to your website – this provides online customers with rapid, up-to-date stock information. If stock runs out, EPoS can update the site to show that it is unavailable and warn potential customers that there will be a delay in delivery or offer an alternative.

Supply chain benefits include:

  • Integrate EPoS with your stock control system – this allows you to keep stock information up-to-date in real-time and streamline your supply chain processes. Your EPoS system can automatically determine which products are fast-moving and when they need replenishing. Reduces sell outs and ensures sufficient stock for promotions and provides historical information for re-ordering.
  • Link your stock-enabled EPoS terminal to your suppliers’ web sites, extranets or back-office systems – this provides them with access to real-time stock information, allowing them to manage their own purchasing more efficiently.
  • Click and Collect – Offer an instore collect or reserve stock service from the web site via the EPoS terminal
  • Gather information on the movement of your stock – from the point of purchase, information on how stock is moving can be fed through to the warehouse and purchasing department, enabling you to move towards automated purchasing and restocking. It also manages the cash commitment and buyer limits.
  • Provide suppliers with tracking sales and purchasing data – giving suppliers information on your customer purchasing habits and your marketing helps them factor your order demands into their plans.
  • Integrate data from EPoS with data from handheld scanners – this means you can track barcoded products on the journey from your suppliers to the warehouse to the store to the final point of sale. You can then identify where goods are being held up, compare the performance of different suppliers and their delivery times – and improve on the results. Use the Hand Held Scanners for visual re-ordering, queue busting, raising label tickets, stock taking and writing off stock.
  • Replenishment – Link the EPoS sales to sell through or ideal stock levels for auto replenishment routes
  • Attributes – Analyse your sales in different ways using user definable attributes for products, customers and suppliers
  • Reports – Use the reporting suite with your business Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), budget and targets to make the EPoS sales information meaningful and relevant to your business