The B Word

You don’t need us to remind you that we are in the throes of Brexit madness, or that watching the news changing by the hour is confusing and concerning. What you do need us to tell you is that we’re prepared for the change we could all be facing come October 31st.

In times of uncertainty, such as now, nobody can guarantee or predict what will happen in the future, but we can make sure we’re ready for it.

We are proud to serve customers all over the world and regardless of our country’s status within the EU, Swan is committed to providing continuous support and to help manage change if it’s required.

We design and create all our software in-house which in real terms means we are in control of how it performs, it’s functionality and most importantly how it can be updated as and when necessary.

The software used to power our applications is entirely owned by Swan. So, you, our customers who rely on our systems for the daily running of your businesses can be assured that we’re here behind the scenes keeping the wheels turning. Whatever road they may end up turning on to.

For more information please contact us today. Our support team is here to help.