Whether you have already reopened your doors to customers or are busy preparing to do so, there are many adaptations needed to operate safely. One of the major changes is how customers are guided in store by signage, particularly to ensure they adhere to social distancing.

Are Social Distancing Graphics an Opportunity?

Dan Barber, Head of our in-house marketing agency, Swan Origination, comments:

“The requirement of distancing graphics is an opportunity for retailers to communicate their brand and message.

Whilst the 2m distancing message must be clear, it is already understood that 2m spaced floor graphics are to be respected and used for queuing and distancing. Many retailers are simply adding generic distancing graphics both on their floors, walls, A-Boards and signage but these graphic spaces are an opportunity to underpin your brand and to communicate other aspects of your store or retail experience.

You could use them to advertise online booking or instore assistance or you could promote your safe click and collect service or your online store. The graphics could and should be in your brand colours, ideally utilising your own typefaces and containing your brand identity or even promotions.

Given that your customers are mostly going to be queueing and will have time on their hands – it is an opportunity to consider how you can use this time to communicate your brand and USPs.”


Making Use of Social Distancing Graphics

Our agency are already helping their customers make the most of the new graphic spaces they are introducing. For example, specialist home furnishing store, Roomes, asked our team to prepare themed floor graphics to fit within different departments of the store. They relay the branding and messaging whilst guiding customers safely through the store.

If you want to utilise the chance to communicate your brand’s message like Roomes have done, our agency are here to help.

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