We are delighted to announce the release of our newest version of Swan Retail System. We have been busy adding features and enhancing the software, with a focus on efficient eCommerce management and powerful marketing integrations.

SRS version 7 was all about making customer data easier to import and export, together with the integration of a new threshold loyalty reward scheme, and version 7.2 builds on this.

Headline Features of SRS v7.2

All the key features of the release are explained in the SRS v7.2 notes and guides on our client support log in. A summary is listed below.

  • Web allocation sequence

Set a priority of where stock is taken from for new web orders and have SRS automatically allocate, saving on time spent to administer orders and prevent chances of overselling.

  • Web allocations to PO

By default, web orders will allocate against incoming purchase orders when there is no free stock. This also helps save on order administration time and prevent overselling.

  • Customer Order Amendment – Split lines

Split an existing line on an order to allow for accurate stock handling at the touch of a single button.

  • Checklist responses as notes

Store important details from customer checklist prompts in notes so they can be printed to documents and accessed more easily throughout the system.

  • Omnisend Orders API

Access details of customer purchase history in the Omnisend marketing integration. This detail can be used to drive marketing automation, such as sending nurture emails to customers who purchased last week. Find out more about our Omnisend partnership.

  • Containers can be scheduled on Pre Goods In

See when containers are due in and bring them through the standard receiving processes used by standalone purchase orders.

  • Support for Cygnus credit notes

Issue credit notes to customers from the Cygnus EPoS and track the credit or spend through an account generated in SRS.


If you would like more information on the latest software release, or would like to upgrade, please get in touch with us via your account manager or our support team.