Retail Systems Awards Shortlisted 2020The Retail Systems Awards celebrates the best and brightest retailers and technology providers in the industry, and we are delighted to be among those shortlisted. 

Now in its 15th year, the Retail Systems Awards has expanded with new categories to reflect the demands of the sector and keep pace with retail innovations. 

The Swan Group were nominated for the Point of Sale Technology of the Year award and the Mobile Innovation of the Year award. Here are details of our two nominated products that have both successfully been shortlisted; Cygnus and FUSE. 

Point of Sale Technology of the Year: Cygnus

This category was newly created for the 2020 awards to identify point of sale technology that is doing something new. With judges looking for genuine innovation in this busy space, Swan’s latest EPoS innovation, Cygnus, was nominated 

Cygnus puts the customer at the centre of retail practice through speed, insights and integration. We want our retailers to delight their customers and Cygnus facilitates this. 

It performs all the operations expected of a cutting-edge EPoS system including every type of customer order and payment, flexible promotions and discounts, fully customisable user interface and receipts, together with clear, detailed reporting.  

The user interface is highly intuitive and very easily configured with a simple, app-like layout for ease of use. This means sales transactions flow efficiently, helping retailers streamline their operations and improve their customers’ experience. 

Cygnus EPoSWhat’s special about Cygnus?

  • Fast, efficient transactions with fewer ’clicks’ needed 
  • Clear, visual, easy-to-operate interface 
  • Remote authorisation, no manager presence needed 
  • Customer-centric intelligence that gives the customer the best deal possible by analysing discount combinations 
  • Loyalty scheme balances and rewards from cross-channel purchase history 
  • Powerful integration with our retail system and mobile loyalty app giving a single customer view 

Mobile Innovation of the Year: FUSE

This award celebrates a solution that enables customers to get the most out of the mobile experience. It is about them using their devices to engage with a retailer and shop whenever and wherever is convenient for them. Swan’s mobile loyalty app, FUSE, was put forward to judges. 

FUSE is the first of its kind to make fully integrated, omnichannel, modern customer engagement accessible to small and medium sized retailers. The customisable loyalty app is an opportunity for busy retailers to connect with their customers. It gives retailers tools to drive footfall, sales, traffic and conversions.  

It is designed to be tightly integrated with the rest of the retail system and CRM system. Purchase history, loyalty rewards progress and customer demographics can all be wielded to the retailer’s advantage. The retailer can segment their audience based on any number of metrics and tailor their communications. 

What’s special about FUSE?

  • Surprisingly affordable and designed for every size retailer 
  • Seamless integration with other platforms and systems for omnichannel retailing 
  • Houses the retailer’s website for in-app purchases and browsing that tracks in Google Analytics 
  • It utilises customer insights and two-way engagement through segmentation and targeting 
  • Simple and easy to create content 


We are very excited that both Cygnus and FUSE have been shortlisted for their respective categories and look forward to the virtual awards ceremony on 19th October. 

Congratulations to every member of our team that helped bring these products to the marketplace!