Pinterest and Shopify have joined forces to enable retailers to upload products that form shoppable pins.

By way of an app, retailers that use the Shopify ecommerce platform will be able to upload their catalogue of products to Pinterest quickly and easily. It was launched in the US and Canada in May and will be available to the UK in a matter of weeks. 

Synchronising eCommerce and Social Media

The Pinterest app on Shopify will give retailers a number of tools to aid the synchronisation between their online shop and their Pinterest offering. These will include tag population, catalogue ingestiondaily updates to products and the option to spend on ads. Tracking and reporting, similar to other social media advertising, will also be in the toolset. 

pinterest shopify ecommerceRetailers can choose to take up paid ads or rely on organic methods to appear in Pinterest users feed of suggested pins. Products will also be discoverable via a ‘Shop’ tab on the retailer’s profile. 

Having the app will enable retailers to remove the friction that occurs when a consumer finds something they like on Pinterest but cannot purchase it directly. Pinterest users will be able to discover, save and, most importantly, purchase the products they like. This will aid omni-channel retailing as ecommerce and social media become more aligned.

Making social media more shoppable is an ecommerce trend predicted to quickly grow and develop with Instagram, Facebook and other social medias moving to accommodate retail. It offers opportunities for retailers to be where their customers are; something that is becoming more important to every retailer. 

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