We’ve been working hard on our latest software release, SRS version 7.0. It’s all about influencing your customers’ behaviour by being able to better utilise their data and reward their loyalty.

More retailers are using the Swan Retail System (SRS) to mine customer data for insights into their behaviour to inform their marketing strategies. The focus of the development of version 7 has been to make customer data easier to import and export, together with the integration of a new threshold loyalty reward scheme.

There are many enhancements to the usability and functionality of SRS in the new release. All of which are detailed in the SRS V7 release notes on the Swan support portal. The new features are listed below, followed by an explanation of four of the most notable developments.

Summary of New SRS Features

  • Customer Import / Export
  • Threshold Loyalty Schemes
  • Loyalty Maintenance
  • Customer Service Merge Fields
  • Earn Loyalty Online
  • Fuse Integration
  • Email Validation
  • Promotion and Discount Data
  • Loyalty handling on Credits
  • Show Archived Items using ‘Archive’ in Export
  • Calculate Loyalty at Point of Order
  • Record Customer Order Quote Date
  • Quick Delivery Confirmation Customer Emails
  • Post-Delivery Updates to Web
  • Mass Emails to Customer Delivery Schedules
  • Invoice Approval Tolerances by Percentage and Value
  • Full GDPR Updates from Web
  • Prevent Editing Existing Customers
  • Wastage Reasons for Damaged Stock
  • Cancel Outstanding Transfers with GRN Reversal

User Friendly Customer Import / Export

All previous customer import and export formats have been consolidated into Customer Import and Customer Export as illustrated below. Benefits of this include:

  1. Customer details can be updated as well as adding new customers
  2. Process is significantly faster and more resilient
  3. Column groups for the export are included for Customer, Account and Attributes making it targeted and consistent with Item Export
  4. Column headers have been updated for consistency
  5. Attributes are exportable and importable, helping you target customers with relevant marketing

SRS V7 Customer Import Export

Threshold Loyalty Schemes

Threshold loyalty schemes set a goal for points. A voucher is attached to the scheme and issued to the customer with a unique code when they hit the threshold. Some key points about the schemes are:

  • Voucher Maintenance – ‘Validity days’ are set so that an expiry is calculated from when the voucher is issued.
  • Cygnus, Fuse and Web API – The threshold is available with the points balance details so the progress can be shown.
  • Automated vouchers – When a customer hits their points threshold, vouchers are generated automatically, and points reset on the loyalty ID.
  • Automated emails – The system emails the voucher to the customer using a new template action type available in Email Action Maintenance for ‘Customer Reward Voucher’. This can be full HTML and include the voucher code as well as the issue date and expiry date.
  • Voucher promotions – Vouchers are then used with promotions to qualify for the reward at the POS. The web uses a simplified percentage off, maintained against the voucher.

Integration with FUSE Mobile Loyalty App

The FUSE customer loyalty app can be integrated with SRS. Initially supporting a single threshold loyalty scheme per retailer.

FUSE is a customer engagement app that customers download from the Apple app store or Google Play store and it provides a news feed and web link to un-registered users. Registered users then get access to their loyalty balance, vouchers, transaction history and loyalty ID barcode. Learn more on the FUSE loyalty app page.

SRS V7 FUSE Loyalty App Integration

Loyalty via eCommerce

This feature is exclusive to Swan WooCommerce websites.

For sites using Loyalty Threshold schemes, customers can link their web account to their in-store loyalty ID from their online profile. Linking is done via their email address.

If a loyalty account is not found, then the customer will have the option to sign up. The email address is used to link, so validation of email address must be enabled on the website to prevent misuse.

For websites without loyalty threshold schemes, the customer can still earn loyalty points online as SRS will detect the email address and link the relevant live loyalty account to the transaction automatically.


We’re very excited to deliver these improvements to the key aspects of day-to-day retail to facilitate our retailers’ ability to influence customer behaviour and inspire loyalty.

For further details of every new feature, please refer to the SRS V7 release notes available via the Swan support portal.

To upgrade to SRS version 7, please contact your account manager or email our support team.