Version 7.4 is the latest software release for SRS (Swan Retail System), which contains substantial architectural updates that allow for the next generation of web services and programs.


This release contains a number of exciting new developments to make retailing easier. Make paying order balances more convenient for customers, take control of pricing and clearance stock and centrally manage loyalty and promotions online. 


Some of the headline features are outlined below.  


BalancePay – Pay Customer Orders by Link

Send customers a link to a secure payment portal which allows them to pay online through ClearAccept, once completed the payment details are returned to SRS. Saving on administration time and calls to customers while making it easier to be PCI compliant. Find out more about BalancePay.


Combined Price Change

Combined price change (formerly composite price change) allows for simple control of all aspects of pricing on an item and at the end of the process also notifies the user of composite (Set) items that may need their prices to be reviewed as well, allowing them to be updated if necessary. 


Generating Clearance Items

Clearance items are split off from a standard stock item in Stock Classification Adjustment so they can be uniquely identified throughout the stock control and sales processes. This allows for traceability of the item when being transferred and makes it possible to sell the item online with its own imagery. 


Loyalty Online using the SRS API

Customers can link their account online to their loyalty card held in SRS. The API can be used to automatically do this by email address when the customer signs up online. They can then see their points and promotion vouchers online and subsequently spend those points or promotion vouchers. Integration module – contact support for pricing. 


Multi-Branch Web Order Allocations

For new web orders coming into SRS, the lines use your allocation sequence set in the Web Control program to perform multi-branch stock allocation, creating transfers to a single delivery branch. The method followed will minimise transfers, maximise stock utilisation and minimise handling costs. 


Promotions Online using the SRS API

Promotions supported by the web and POS can be set up in one central location in SRS and used identically between both in-store POS and your website. This can include customer loyalty group, department hierarchy, voucher and specific item qualification as well as following the same standard data-driven behaviour.  


Shipster Courier Integration

Shipster is a courier integration platform allowing for one integration from SRS which you can then use to manage integration to numerous carriers such as Royal Mail, Evri and Tuffnells. Find out more about Shipster. 


See more headline features in our support portal knowledge base and speak to your account manager or our support team to upgrade.