The Swan back office now has the ability to create and manage vouchers for use with the till and website (if integrated). The vouchers can be tied into promotions to allow them to be printed and redeemed on the till and to offer flexible discounts.

For use on the till we allow the vouchers to be added into a promotion as a reward so that when the promotion is triggered, a voucher will print instead of the promotion offering a discount.

For voucher redemption, we offer the ability to add a voucher into a promotion’s qualification list. This allows the vouchers to trigger Swan’s powerful promotions on the till.

The system allows for vouchers to have an unlimited number of voucher codes to accommodate larger marketing schemes. These voucher codes may have been generated by a third party, such as a marketing company or website. We also offer the ability to assign each code to a customer account for more targeted promotions.

Swan records a full audit trail of redeemed voucher codes for reporting purposes and thus provides an analysis of how successful particular offers have been

With an increasing emphasis on making more use of your customer data, vouchers are becoming a must have in your retail system.  Vouchers make a perfect gift and will help drive new and repeat customers into your stores, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in learning more.