Keeping fans engaged throughout the disruption of a global pandemic is a challenge no one predicted, but one that every sports club now faces and must plan for.

Sports clubs need to look for ways to communicate with fans that are not affected by store closures or government restrictions. We have developed exactly that; a tool to drive engagement no matter where your fans are.

Mobile App Engagement

That tool is FUSE; a fully-customisable mobile app designed to reach fans in their pockets, regardless of external disruptions. What makes this app go beyond that of off-the-shelf solutions is its integration with your other channels – eCommerce, EPoS, customer loyalty and more.

Completely branded using the club’s identity, the app is made available to download from the app store. It contains a news feed that allows the club to create engaging content like that of their social media. Unlike social media, the app cuts out the noise of everything else and enables clubs to focus fans’ attention on what they choose.

In addition to creating an engaging content feed, the app houses the club’s website and fans’ reward wallets. This means users don’t need to leave the app to browse your online shop or check their loyalty rewards. The app brings these elements together and acts as a digital reward card that can be used instore and online.

Using Engagement to Drive Retail Revenue

Having a fully integrated app allows sports clubs to use their creativity to interact with fans, build loyalty and increase sales. Here is how:

  • Post news, events, polls and promotions – take your content to the next level by integrating your online shop, e.g. post a goal celebration during a match with a promotion applied to the player’s kit
  • Harness the power of push notifications – bring your fans to your app by alerting them of new content, rewards or timely promotions to drive sales
  • Display loyalty points – reward and incentivise loyalty with real-time balances synchronised from every sales channel
  • Host your website within your app – unify your fans’ online experience by allowing them to browse and buy from your shop without leaving your app
  • Calls-to-action take viewers directly to your offer – fans can redeem promotions, buy new kit releases, use their rewards, etc.
  • Create custom forms for crowdsourcing – get feedback and insights from your fans and learn how to up your retail game

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The Importance of Integrated Systems

The technology behind sports clubs needs to be joined up to achieve the omnichannel experience fans now expect. Wherever fans shop or experience the brand should all tie in with each other.

FUSE pulls together these touchpoints by combining the power of social media, loyalty rewards and ecommerce in one place. It not only joins these for the fans to see, but for the club too. Our solutions are designed to form a single view of fans and benefit from integration via extensive APIs.

The result is shared data across the club’s channels. This allows the club to analyse and market from captured cross-channel data. It means fans can be segmented and targeted through campaigns to reward and encourage loyal buying behaviour. An integrated, single view of fans is a powerful tool.

The Complete Solution

We do not only offer the FUSE app and retail systems. As part of the ClearCourse Group, we couple in-house software development with comprehensive integration partnerships to offer the complete sports club solution including fan engagement, retail, food and beverage, web and marketing.

The solution works across a number of platforms:

  • Stadium EPoS
  • Kit-builder
  • Fan app
  • Ecommerce
  • Single customer view
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Inventory
  • Fulfilment

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