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Get the best ROI from your CRM with Fetchify’s Data Cleansing

We know that customer data is the lifeblood of your business, supporting sales teams, marketing initiatives, logistics and more. Fetchify’s Address Lookup and Data Validation tools can help you capture valid and accurate data at point of entry, during checkout or registration. But what about the records already in your CRM?

Incorrect or incomplete customer data doesn’t just run the risk of losing sales, you also risk losing your customers’ trust if they receive the wrong correspondence or none at all. It costs time and efficiency as sales and customer service teams have to work around unhelpful CRM data. On average, businesses in the UK lose up to 14% of their annual income as a result of bad data quality.

Customer databases collect a lot of bad data over the years for a number of reasons:

  • Addresses entered manually can contain typos and format errors
  • Addresses captured before you had a validation tool in place may be incorrect or incomplete
  • Out of date email addresses
  • Disconnected phone numbers
  • Records migrated over from old systems
Fetchify Global Data Cleansing

Fetchify’s Global Data Cleansing Service

Fetchify’s Global Data Cleansing service identifies incorrect and incomplete customer records in your database, checking postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses against the very best international data sources.

Postal addresses are reformatted if necessary to country standards and if the address is invalid or incomplete, the next closest correct address is suggested as a substitute.

Phone numbers are reformatted to country standards and incomplete or invalid numbers are flagged for attention.

Email addresses are checked to ensure they link back to a live inbox. Incomplete or invalid email addresses are flagged for attention

GeoCodes can also be appended to addresses as a part of cleansing. Latitude and longitude coordinates are essential to efficient delivery route planning and can be used to calculate the closest store or warehouse.

Fetchify Data Cleansing API

With your CRM up to date and as clean as possible you will:

  • Ensure delivery of goods to the right address every time
  • Support sales teams with valid contact details
  • Increase marketing ROI with effective campaign deliverability
  • Enable accurate forecasting based on complete customer profiles
  • Increase the lifetime value of every customer
  • Manage time and resources efficiently
  • Adhere to GDPR regulations as good data quality is a requirement
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How clean is your CRM? Take Fetchify’s free Data Quality Check to find out

  1. Submit up to 5000 records from up to 10 different sources (e.g. checkout, registration forms, call centres).
  2. We will validate your data against the best global data sources for postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
  3. You will receive a complete, bespoke overview of the findings.
  4. Review the quality of your data before choosing to implement a full data cleanse.

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Cleansing Your Data Together

Fetchify, like Swan Retail, are part of the ClearCourse Partnership; a group of like-minded technology businesses that provide integrated solutions. We will be continuing to develop links with ClearCourse companies to bring the benefits of the Partnership to our retailers.

Fetchify’s Address Lookup and Data Validation tools are available with our SRS (Swan Retail System), FRS (Furniture Retail System), Cygnus EPoS and eCommerce solutions.