Manna is the proven, easy-to-use solution that provides caterers with the information they need to manage every aspect of their catering operation.

Manna is a comprehensive catering management system that is feature-rich and easy to use. Flexible and powerful, the system allows clients to implement a core system and to extend functionality with additional modules as requirements change.

Key Features

  • Core module: Contains all of the functionality to manage recipe and menu planning, patient meal ordering, food production, stock control, purchase ordering, budget management and financial analysis
  • Stock and purchasing management: Records detailed stock information against all types of stock items, including multiple supplier details, ideal stock levels, costs and stock movements and includes a comprehensive stocktake management function usable across multiple locations. The system creates suggested purchase orders against various criteria including minimum/maximum stock levels, production requirements and replenishment
  • Financial analysis: Manna provides accurate financial information to help run the catering department, recording all transactions performed within the department and providing budget analysis to track both income and expenditure
  • Production: Designed for clients using cook chill / freeze production methods. Production schedules based on both menu cycles and the number of days in the production week for efficient management of staff and resources with historical information used to predict demand
  • Nutritional analysis: Analyse the composition of an ingredient, recipe, menu or complete menu cycle, against a range of dietary and nutritional criteria
  • Sales management: Integrates into EPoS with flexible payment options including chip and pin or cashless to provide sales management in restaurants, dining rooms, snack bars, shops or cafeterias, with additional reporting for management purposes
  • Hospitality management: Plan, manage, cost and analyse hospitality services for both internal and external clients, with diary booking, multiple pricing structures, task management, menu planning, production and stock management
  • Client ordering: Flexible options for meal ordering including Manna Mobile which replaces paper-based meal ordering with robust hand-held computers used to record meal selections while with the customer
  • Human resources: Records employee information such as work schedules, reviews, attendance, contact information and disciplinary summaries