Swan Retail are at the forefront of retail innovations, and as such have released a suite of powerful apps to use on mobile devices in-store.  Retailers are always looking to improve the speed and efficiency of their operations, and the Swan apps give the ability to do this.

Designed for use on mobiles, iPads and hand-held terminals (HHTs) our apps are unapologetically simple to use, communicating seamlessly with our retail management system. The portability of the devices they run on can lead to an increase in sales due to improved accuracy when taking sales orders, greater access to customer and product information and the overall hassle-free nature of the shopping experience.

Customer Special Ordering

Designed for taking orders or producing quotes for items such as furniture, carpets, greenhouses etc which then need to trigger further actions such as creating a back to back order on the supplier and / or arranging home delivery.

Supplier catalogues, product options, images, stock, pricing and customer account information are all available, making capturing the order and customer details both simple and efficient. The need to manually enter the sales docket is removed, reducing administration time as well as removing the margin for error when processing the order.

Loyalty Registration

Quickly and easily sign up new customers for your loyalty scheme from anywhere on the shop floor. Postcode Anywhere™ is used to complete the address in a consistent manner and the customer database is updated in real time. The app helps to save administration time and errors when trying to process handwritten registration forms.

Store Operations

Stock enquirygives access to stock level information across the entire estate with a view of stock on order including that assigned to a container or existing customer order

Price changing – amend prices as you walk around the store and produce the relevant sales tickets based on stock levels, or reduced-price labels if only some of the stock needs to be reduced. Ticket printing can be from either a belt mounted or static printer with the changes being updated in real time.

Goods receiving – simply recall the purchase order number and scan in the products. Overs or unders can be recorded and the stock levels updated across the estate.

Inter branch transfer (IBT) – creation of IBT or lookup of outstanding IBT for receiving.