Furniture Case Study - Fishpools

Fishpools has been an integral part of the high street in Waltham Cross for more than 110 years and its well known store is now the largest of its kind in the South-East and still first port of call for anyone looking for quality and value with a massive range of furniture, beds, carpets, curtains and home furnishings.


The Problem

Although the existing system covered all the basics and has been in place for quite some time, Fishpools was aware that its lack of reporting, integrated stock control and customer services were all major drawbacks - while the dated technology and absence of support and development made it an increasingly risky option for the future.


The Solution

The company looked closely at a number of different alternatives but it soon became clear that the solution offered by Swan was significantly superior in terms of suitability, performance, features and cost.

Fishpools’ financial and customer ordering systems were replaced in their entirety in Spring 2009 and a year later all of the store’s tills and till software were replaced to provide integrated chip and pin with Swan’s “Cash Link” to ensure optimum efficiency and security.

During the development stage the company found that the price change function wasn’t quite to their liking, and after raising their concerns with Swan, this was rapidly reconfigured to fit seamlessly with their preferred systems and processes.


The Result

Having gone live in April 2009, Fishpools has seen an immediate and measurable improvement in numerous aspects of their operation, with stock control, financial management and customer service all becoming much quicker and easier to control, monitor and evaluate.

Integration with ticket production and the potential to integrate to their own transactional website also offered real benefits, while on-going consultation with Swan has allowed the already advanced technology to be continually developed in line with the changing needs of both the company itself and the retail environment within which they work. In addition to the significant time and cost savings, the inherent flexibility of the Swan solution meant that Fishpools staff were able to get more involved in the implementation process, resulting in a smooth transition to the new system.


“The whole process went much more smoothly than we expected and the first-hand contact with the developers was invaluable in giving us a solution precisely tailored to our own particular requirement” Alice Norris, Operations Director, Fishpools