Hospitality Case Study - Hadleigh Farm

Hadleigh Farm SignRun by the Salvation Army, Hadleigh Farm offers structured training programmes for adults with disabilities. They provide work experience for the trainees either with participating companies or within the centre to help with gaining placement in employment or further training on completion of their time at Hadleigh. The on-site tea rooms and shop is the public facing part of the centre. Open 7 days a week, it is where the Catering and Retail & Hospitality trainees put into practice what they’ve learnt.


The Problem

Hadleigh Farm - HospitalityHadleigh had been operating an entirely manual system in their tea rooms, entering the end of day reads from a traditional cash register into a spreadsheet to keep track of their sales figures. A great deal of time had to be spent analysing these figures and they had not only noticed shrinkage across a number of closely monitored products but also a lot of variation in the price charged for infrequently ordered items.

They increasingly felt they needed a new system in order to gain control over their margins, as the legacy system provided no audit trail to allow them to identify where shrinkage and price variations were occurring without a huge input of manual effort (and therefore cost).


The Solution

Having seen EPoS being used effectively in other Salvation Army centres, the staff at Hadleigh decided to future proof their operations. They chose to install a Swan system on the basis of a referral given as a result of the very high level of service Swan had provided at another customer and the fact that they could confirm that the required functionality was available off the shelf.


The Result

With their new system going live over the Easter weekend, the start of Hadleigh’s busy season, the staff had concerns about how they would manage. However, with an informative and thorough training session from one of Swan’s experienced trainers, and once they realised how easy to learn and user friendly their new till software is, their confidence grew and they now feel ready to handle anything.

Only a few weeks after their installation, the Hadleigh team had already noticed a big reduction in till variances at the end of day and due to the better audit trail provided by the Swan system, it’s now easier to pinpoint where these variances occurred and it has been possible to put into place processes to improve the situation.

They have also found that with the addition of new products through the Back Office software being so quick and easy, there is no longer any variation in the price charged dependent upon operator and the detailed reports on offer have helped them to address the issue of shrinkage.


“The Swan system is really easy to learn and user friendly. Our till operators have quickly gained confidence and make fewer errors than with our previous setup”