Speciality Retail Case Study - Petmania

Petmania LogoWith 15 stores throughout the country and a central distribution warehouse servicing its entire network, the O'Keefee's Group is one of Ireland's most substantial retail businesses with a major presence in several sectors including furniture, wine and pet care. Petmania has grown rapidly since the opening of its first store in 2007 and now trades in a dozen different locations across the Republic of Ireland.


The Problem

O'Keeffes were already planning the launch of Petmania when they began to consider IT systems for their furniture business. At the time, they were still operating without any computer systems, with enormous amounts of time being spent on repetitive, albeit essential tasks, and staff inevitably diverted from more useful activities, it was a situation that obviously couldn't continue. However, the real challenge was to find a system that would not only solve the problems in the furniture business, but also be equally appropriate and effective where the differing requirements of their new pet stores were concerned.


The Solution

After reviewing a number of alternatives - and canvassing the opinions of several other similar businesses - O'Keeffes chose Swan for their initial furniture store implementation. One of the key factors in the decision was the system's unique ability to cater for both big ticket and mass merchandise items in diverse trading environments.

Having seen how well it performed in their furniture operation, O'Keeffes has no hesitation in rolling out the Swan solution to their new pet care business - with a comprehensive system that included EPoS, retail merchandising, warehouse management, the use of hand-held terminals, ticket printing and financials.

O'Keeffes were impressed by the inherent flexibility of the solution, which allowed specific modifications to be made without affecting the system's core capability, and Swan's inclusive development process added further extremely beneficial input from a wide variety of other retail sources.


The Result

As soon as the system was in place, Petmania had immediate access to the vital information that allowed them to rapidly react to changing situations in what was a brand new venture. Efficiency and productivity were maintained in every branch, while the system was enhanced and processes modified.

The exceptional training and support Swan provided enabled staff to quickly acquire the skills they needed and utilise them to the company's advantage, while issues felt necessary to improve the business in the immediate future were fast-tracked into viable and effective solutions. Stock levels were considerably tightened with a specially developed branch sales replenishment program, while both warehouse and branch level staff became free to devote their energies to constructive and profitable tasks.


“The service Swan provided was invaluable. They were very open to our wishes, extremely quick and efficient in developing new softwaer and their training and support was fantastic” Shane O'Keeffe, Director