Speciality Retail

The Swan application has the unique abilities to support a rich variety of merchandise and it includes many speciality options that are associated with the differing styles of merchandise. With our specialist expertise in managing all of the different stock types sold within department stores and garden centres, it is not surprising that we have successfully implemented our solutions in many high street and out of town retail chains. More unique speciality retail stores have the need for a wide variety of stock types, with some needing specific information on fit, colour, size, length. The flexibility of our solutions makes us well equipped to provide to this sector.

This application is ideally suited for the multi EPoS, multi branch and multi warehouse retailer, with features including:

  • 3-Dimensional Style matrixincluding colour, size and fit
  • Feature and functionally rich EPoS with multiple templates for retail and restaurant
  • Fixed or mobile customer service points
  • EPoS enquiry and status monitor
  • Staff accounts, security and discounts
  • Loyalty, gift, discount and trade account cards
  • In-depth fraud prevention and auditability of transactions
  • Voucher tracking, single use vouchers and extensive promotion options
  • Stock control via weight, volume or meters (UOM)
  • Range of apps including store operations, customer ordering and loyalty registration
  • Electronic receipts and mobile customer communications (E-mail and SMS)
  • Real time stock visibility across the retail estate
  • Auto replenishment and intuitive suggested purchase ordering
  • Warehouse and supplier replenishment
  • Concession and consignment stock management and concession accounting
  • Concession product import and sales export
  • Store profiling and suggest branch allocations
  • Hand Held Terminals (HHT) for real time price changes and capturing stock movements
  • Multi channel with click (reserve) and collect
  • Open to Buy for buyers and merchandisers
  • Serial number capture for high value electrical goods
  • Sales capture via EPoS, customer special orders, mail and telephone
  • Ticketing and point of display material linked to promotions
  • CRM with campaign manager and conversion analysis
  • Customer special ordering with home delivery (or white label delivery)
  • Focused reporting and graphical desktop reports (with business KPI’s)
  • Catering management



Speciality Retail Case Studies