Furniture Stores

Furniture Stores

The modern furniture retailer is evolving, with the need for more than just a basic till. The ideal furniture retail system needs to be able to hold a wide range of products, each with their own product options such as colour, material, size, style etc. as well as being able to manage the stock of these products from the initial goods receipt all the way through to customer delivery. Furniture stores are also very customer focused, with a requirement for powerful customer relationship management features.

The Swan Furniture Retail solution has been designed with the involvement of many Furniture Retailers and has been continually developed to become the packaged application that we deliver today. The application covers point of purchase through to financial accounts – a true ERP solution with over 100 customers, many of whom are operating from multiple branches and warehouses. Other key features include: 

  • Support for mixed merchandise including big ticket items and small ticket merchandise (EPoS)
  • Many import routines and supplier templates to assist with product administration/take on
  • Stock management down to individual item with status – display, damaged, etc
  • Customer Special Ordering with multiple options including options within options and price affecting variants
  • Carpet sales including roll stock and cut length ordering
  • Quotations and Trade Sales
  • VAT relief for disability adapted products
  • Sales person’s checklist based on product and pre-printed terms/notes on order
  • Integration to personal finance and EFTPoS
  • Customer Relationship management (CRM) and campaign managers
  • Customer Service for incidents, diarised actions and returns processing
  • Direct links to EDI, Email, SMS and Mailchimp
  • Full warehouse management including goods in diary booking
  • Warehouse Hand Held Terminals (HHT) for stock movements
  • Container purchase ordering and tracking
  • Order scheduling, route planning, van capacity, loading notes and home delivery acceptance
  • Apps for Customer Special ordering, home deliveries and loyalty registration
  • Point of Display ticketing including menu cards and up to 5 selling prices
  • Loyalty and voucher promotion
  • Warranties and service plans
  • Sales commissions
  • Multi channel retailing with full integration to web sites
  • Integration to Masterpiece (carpet estimating) and ACE (curtain estimating)
  • Suite of specific furniture related reports and graphical desktop views
  • Integral financial accounts with sales, purchase and nominal ledgers

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