FRS by Swan Retail

A complete system designed specifically to cater for all the needs of the furniture retailer, capable of managing customers, orders, stock and after sales in one easy to use solution.

FRS is a browser based solution capable of operating on tablets, laptops, PCs etc. Using the latest database tools the application can be maintained locally or provided via cloud technology. 

As a total retail management solution, FRS can handle the whole sales process, from stock management to sales ordering through to deliveries and post-purchase customer relations.

Features include:

  • Sales Ordering – Captures all essential information about the customer and their order requirements, with the facility for different product options, delivery times/prices, fact sheets and sales messaging, with informative sales documents for manager review if needed.
  • Purchase Order Management – Automatically generate purchase orders to cover the demand from sales, and will track the order to ensure that timescale requirements are met.
  • Stock Management, Warehousing and Delivery – Warehouse management with purchase order controls, goods receipting, bay management, inter-location transfers, returns, scheduled delivery picking and more. Includes a booking-in diary, increasing the efficiency of the warehouse goods-in process, with a container module that allows the combination of separate purchase orders into one container.
  • Customer Care – A single point of enquiry for all and any customer questions with the ability to create a customer contact diary, with a customer’s purchase and enquiry history being easily accessible.
  • Reporting - A wide range of standard reports and customisable each providing controlled access to data.
  • Interfacing- Integration to other Third-Party products, including EPoS, Retail, Finance and E-Commerce systems.