Manna OLD

Manna is the proven, easy-to-use solution that provides caterers with the information they need to manage every aspect of their catering operation.

The challenge

Today’s caterers are expected to provide a range of high-quality, nutritious meals whilst taking measures to ensure budgets are adhered to and ever-higher levels of service are met. An effective catering service relies on sound planning and co-ordination of a range of processes involving menu planning, procurement, food production and distribution of meals. For you to deliver a service that meets expectations necessitates a catering solution that provides real-time information on stock control and purchase orders, full financial analysis and reports, production planning and nutritional analysis whilst delivering the ultimate in cost control and addressing key areas such as food waste.

The solution

Manna is a comprehensive catering management system that is feature-rich and easy to use. Flexible and powerful, the system allows clients to implement a core system and to extend functionality with additional modules as requirements increase or change.

Key features include:

  • Manages all methods of food and production planning
  • Supports multiple options for meal ordering including menu-scanning, manual entry, ward entry and hand-held mobile devices
  • Unlimited capacity for the creation of products, recipes and menus
  • Multiple stock locations
  • Highly visible audit trail of all stock movements
  • Integration of menu and recipe planning with nutritional analysis
  • Interfaces with multiple financial and procurement systems
  • Hospitality management for internal and external clients
  • Multisite visibility with single site control
  • Fully integrated EPoS till points with sales management and VAT analysis for restaurants and cafeterias
  • Cashless module option for EPoS payments
  • Flexible patient questionnaire management and analysis
  • Accepts credit/debit cards (EFT PoS) payments within restaurants, cafeterias and shops
  • Weigh and pay facility for salad bars
  • Integrated business intelligence including data cube flexible analysis