Customer Ordering App OLD

Swan AppThe Swan customer ordering App is designed for retailers taking customer orders, often for bespoke items (furniture, carpets, greenhouses, sheds etc.), which then need to trigger further actions such as creating a back to back order on the supplier and/or arranging home delivery. The App replaces the traditional hand written sales pad with an easy to use, intuitively simple application, giving retailers the technological and functional leap which will allow them to engage efficiently and effectively with customers.

The customer ordering App provides a sales checklist to ensure that all of the required information - customer details, products options etc. - is captured for the item being ordered, warranties and care instructions have been discussed and specific terms have been covered. The ordering process is seamlessly completed using the tablet through electronic capturing of the customer’s signature, the payments being taken wirelessly and the order confirmation being emailed directly to the customer.

From the retailer’s perspective there is no longer the need to manually enter the sales docket - deciphering handwriting, verifying that the options are correct, infilling the missing information – reducing administration time as well as removing the margin for error when entering details into what might be several different systems. With stock and on order information available in real time, this potentially increases the chances of completing the sale, thus delivering better stock sell through rates and improving profit margins.

Product (Supplier) Catalogues

For sales staff, looking up product information is literally at the touch of a button - with a mixture of drop down selections and word sensitive lookups, finding products could not be any easier. With a tablet in hand, supplier catalogues, product options, images, stock position by location or on order, pricing and so much more is all available there and then.

Instead of having to leave the customer to go and find the relevant catalogue, the App gives your staff the ability to offer a higher level of customer service with the information at their fingertips, helping to improve staff performance and the customer experience.